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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Straight up: Caught in a hit and run

Well today was interesting. Matt had to work, so the boys and I were out and about doing some early morning shopping. It was so nice because the weather was gorgeous and it gave us a little glimpse into the upcoming summer when all we do all day, everyday is look for adventure. As we were leaving Firewheel mall, we stopped at a red light, preparing to turn right. All of a sudden we get vigorously bumped from behind. I look in the rearview mirror and see a man and a woman in an SUV behind us. It obviously wasn't a major hit, but it did rock our car and we were definitely taken by surprise. So, I put on my hazards and prepared to turn and pull over so we could get out and discuss this man's transgression. But, no. All of a sudden, even though the light was still red, the guy whips around me and takes off! We were suddenly victims of a hit and run, in front of Macy's of all places, the patron saint of retail!

I was now filled with a rage (some might refer to it as road rage) and I made the clear and level headed decision to follow this vehicle. I had to tell Connor to cool it with the commentary about what he was feeling as our car was "wrecked into by that mean car" so I could focus in on tracking this man down. We followed him for ten solid minutes back into Rowlett and into the Home Depot parking lot, I didn't have a real plan yet as this was not one of my most forward thinking moments. But now this was quickly turning into a life lesson for my children about doing the right thing, so I had to follow through. I whip into a spot near the perp's car and I turned around and told Connor that under no circumstances was he to unlock the door or roll down the window for any reason at all because Mommy had to go out and deal with this man. He solemnly agreed and leaned over and told his brother, "Mushy, you are NOT allowed to get out of your carseat and drive the car". Normally that comment might have given me pause, but I didn't have the time because I noticed Mr. Sunvisor was out of his car and about to head into the store.

I hopped out and went over and very pleasantly said, "Excuse me, but you hit my car back at that red light and I need you insurance information." It was all very nice and casual, I didn't even take off my sunglasses. He then replied, "No I didn't." Oh Sunvisor, wrong answer. So then I was forced to take off my sunglasses and change my tone. I said, "Well my bumper is dented and if you didn't hit me then why did you feel the need to swerve around me in the lane and run a red light to get away?" He still refused to give me the insurance info, so I decided to pull out my big guns and said, "Well if you refuse to give me your info, you should know that I have already taken a picture of your license plate and also of your face (which was a total bluff), so I will be reporting you." We then were at a stand off, in the silence I heard some background noise which I quickly recognized to be my children's voices yelling through the window. In my mind I was willing them to be quiet (which never works by the way) so as I stared this jerk down I had to listen to the sound of my two freakishly friendly kids yelling out "Hi!" "Hi" "Hello sir!" I didn't turn to look first of all, because I didn't want to break eye contact and therefore lose my position of power and second, I didn't need to look because I already knew without a shadow of a doubt that they were waving and smiling. Finally he grudgingly agreed to give me his insurance and while he was fishing it out of his wallet I decided to push my luck and say,"You know, the decent thing to do would have been to stop, apologize and ask if we were okay. Obviously I have two little boys in my car and it scared them." No response from the Sunvisor, so in my final passive aggressive act I suddenly realized that I didn't have a pen or paper with me so I would have to type in all of his information into the notes section of my iPhone. Very slowly.
I felt so much better when I got back into the car. As soon as we left the parking lot, Connor asked, "Mommy did we deal with him?"
Yes son, I think he felt dealt with.

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