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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Poky Little Puppy

Well Hudson survived his second Halloween. Last year, he was just a little guy so we weren't sure what to expect from him this year since he is walking and doing his own thing a little bit more. He didn't disappoint!
My little man apparentely has a love of candy like I have never seen before in a child. He couldn't quite get with the trick or treating program. Instead of putting his candy in his bag at each door, he felt the need to sit down on that stranger's front porch and eat until it was gone. Then he was ready for the next house. Needless to say, this really slowed down our travel time. His big brother and cousin hit the ground running, with a goal of raking in as much candy as possible. Not my little fire dog. He was definitely the poky puppy.
He got into quite the routine, hit a house, look adorable, get candy, sit and eat. His precious, pottery barn kids white dalmation suit was soon covered in chocolate drool. Every photo we have features Hudson with a mouth full of candy with back ups clutched in each fist. At one house, someone dared to hand out pencils, Hudson immediately tasted it and threw it down with a look of disgust. We are not interested in eating pencils.
You might be wondering what kind of reaction the little guy had to all this sugar. Some of you might be familiar with Hudson's regimented sleeping schedule. He averages about 16 hours a day with a strict 7 p.m. bedtime. Not on Halloween! He arrived back at his Gammie's house hopped up on candy, walked straight to the portable cd player by the door and turned on Monster Mash. He proceeded to host what I like to refer to as Hudson's dance party. As soon as the song ended he immediately hit repeat and danced like a mad man, all by himself. He clapped and twirled himself into a frenzy. Finally, he collapsed in exhaustion, wild eyed, sweaty and covered in candy residue.
Now that is a good time.

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