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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween and my invisible son Kenny

Okay, since today is Halloween I thought I would blog about Connor! Today is the highlight of his year, a day to actually celebrate his giant imagination!
When I was pregnant with Connor, I felt like I endlessly researched, studied and thought about what it might be like to be a mom. I knew there would be a lot of learning as we went, but I truly thought I had an idea of what was coming when our little man arrived.
I was wrong.
I can lovingly say that my son is "different". I always thought it was cute and funny when kids had a big imagination, I just never imagined living with one. It has been a huge learning experience for Matt and I. We are not really the artsy, imaginative types. As I mentioned earlier, I like research. I like black and white, not shades of grey. Connor is one hilarious, creative shade of grey. We honestly did not know at first, he just seemed like a regular baby.
My child has the ability to find joy in absolutely everything in this world. Everything. I will admit here that I am jealous of this, he sees the world in a way that I never have. For those of you that follow my status updates on Facebook, you can agree that the things that come out of his mouth on a daily basis are hilarious and always surprising.
I do not think I will ever forget the day my invisible son Kenny arrived at our house. Connor was supposed to be getting his pj's on but was instead illegally jumping on our bed. I rounded the corner and heard him say,"quick, Kenny, here comes my Mom!" Kenny is a quiet fellow and we sometimes go weeks without a word from him. It should be a testament to how far outside the box I have come that I find myself checking in on him sometimes just to make sure he is okay. You know, just asking Connor how he is and if his part time job at the donut shop is going well. Matt likes to act like I am crazy, but I have heard him do it too.
Kenny is a part of our lives now, I will be sad if he goes away for good. But in the meantime he is a source of entertainment for our family! Last Saturday we went to our church carnival. As Matt pulled into the parking lot, I heard Connor say, "Okay Kenny, we're here. I am going to get out and play and you are going to stay in the car and read the Bible." I turned around and sure enough Connor was buckling a seat belt around his friend and handing him his Bible that he had snuck out of our house."
Kenny doesn't always get to have a good time :)

Check back soon for news about Halloween and Hudson't first professional modeling shoot!

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  1. Melissa, I'm so excited that Connor keeps you and Matt guessing! Your dad had a wonderful imagination and we never knew who may show up at the dinner table. One whole week Kyle was a lion and then an alligator. He mostly chose animals with really long tail...about the same size as his bathrobe belt! During those imaginary drop outs, Kyle would speak to us as a lion or alligator. Using signs and gutteral noises. One night at supper, Kyle, ahem, the alligator snapped his mouth twice and grinned when asked if he would like some mashed potatoes. I loved it! Your guys sound like so much fun. Just enjoy it for as long as it lasts.


    Aunt Mary Ann