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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cougar Town

As my boys get older, I know they will start to pull away from Mom some. Dad is the hero, the cool guy. I guess that is normal. I am no expert on guy stuff and Matt is the real deal. I get it, but that doesn't mean that I have to like it. I love that I have Momma's boys, even if it is only for a few fleeting years. Connor is like a sponge and Matt finds it hilarious to teach him things that Mom never would. Luckily for now, Hudson is still mine.
Here is an incident involving Matt and his mini-Matt: Matt and I came in separate cars to Connor's last soccer game a few weeks back. Connor and Matt left in his truck and Hudsy and I went in my car. As we approached a red light, I changed lanes to get right next to the "man truck" certain that they would be happy to see me. Well, they were prepared. I rolled down my window and said, "Hey guys! Lookin' good!" I saw Matt lean over and whisper to Connor. Then my son said the following to me, "Hi, nice to meet you, but you're too old for me." Stunned, I opened my mouth to speak, but he wasn't done yet. "Listen, let's not make this awkward, I'm way out of your league. No, I don't want to be friends, just let it go." Then he put his elmo sunglasses on and they drove off.
What?!? Several questions raced through my mind. 1. How long have they been working up this little routine? The memorization was perfect. Is my child some sort of genius? And 2.Did my three year old just call me out as a cougar? I think so.
I am blogging about this incident first and foremost because it was a great moment in Matt's life. Notice I did not say a high point in his parenting career, but a great moment nonetheless. He has lived on this small victory over me for several weeks now and he deserves the credit. The time and effort put into this prank is quite impressive.
So here is your moment, Honey. Live it up!


  1. Your boys always make me pee my pants in laughter. =)

  2. Thanks (I guess)! Feel free to share my blog, I find it kind of hard on my self esteem that I have so few readers! I am such an overachiever as you probably already know :) Glad you are reading about us!

  3. Lissa, you crack me up-- when I clicked on your blog today (after reading your hilarious story that made me laugh out loud as they always do), I looked at the sidebar and thought, "Wow, Lissa already has 11 followers on this blog and she's only been doing it a week, that's awesome" ... and here you are being sad you don't have more readers. Keep it up, chica, don't worry about the number. With stories like these, they will come :-) Love and hugs to you and all your men!