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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Delectable Fish Lips

Yesterday was supposed to be Connor's second and final attempt at his sedated dental appointment. No such luck. At our previous attempt I learned that my kid is a funny, sloppy drunk. At the first appointment, once the meds kicked in, he accused a tiny girl baby in the waiting room of being his brother and kept complimenting "new Hudson" on his beautiful purple shirt, giggling like a mad man. "New Hudson's" mother was not so amused. Alas, that appointment was a bust so yesterday we went to a new dentist to try again.
He had his "special" juice and 30 minutes later the overly affectionate case of the sillies set in. His first victim: the giant fish tank in the middle of the waiting room. He was amazed by the "most beautiful, gorgeous fish" he had ever seen. He kissed the tank repeatedly and open mouthed. But was that enough? Nope. He then begged me to hoist him up and dangle him over this six foot tall tank so he could catch a fish with his bare hands and then kiss it on it's "delectable fish lips." Yes, this is a direct quote, shout out to Nick Jr. for teaching us that new word. When he realized that he wasn't going to get any reciprocal affection from the tank, he turned the silly love on me. Every other minute I heard, "I love you Mommy, let me kiss you." Sweet. For a while. Please keep in mind that this was a shockingly busy dentist's office. I started to feel slightly uncomfortable when Connor demanded loudly that our kisses last "forever." It was like he was literally glued to my lips, the cheek was absolutely unacceptable. Slightly awkward for the casual observer, I'm sure.
After all that the only real result we got from the silly juice was this silly story. When it came down to it, the medicine was incapable of actually sedating him enough for any real work to be done. So onward and upward we press, I can't even imagine how my little under the influence cassanova will react at our next appointment.

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  1. Delectable, huh? Wow! I can't believe he used that word- I mean, I barely know what that means ;-) Love it, so funny!