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Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Own Cooking Show? Yes Please!

This morning was a little odd. Our first discovery was that Connor, instead of putting our Diet Dr. Pepper's in the fridge last night, had instead loaded them into the freezer. Matt opened the freezer to what he referred to as "a Diet Dr. Pepper" massacre. An honest mistake? Yes, but this is his weekly job and Matt had specifically showed him where to put them in the fridge so needless to say, Matt was pretty frustrated by his lack of attention. After a six a.m. daddy talk about the importance of paying attention to life in general, Matt was out the door to work and I was rushing around trying to get lunches made and dinner in the crockpot.

Okay, at this point in the story I need you to flash back with me to Monday night. Matt had to work late, so the kids and I were doing our thing at home and I decided to try and have dinner ready as soon as Matt got home because I knew he was exhausted and I am that good of a wife. I had planned on grilling steaks, Matt's favorite meal, so Monday morning I put the steaks in a bag with some marinade and left them in the fridge. I had purchased two big sirloins, pretty standard, for the four of us to share. Anyway, I got the grill all fired up (by myself, thank you very much) and tossed our two gigantic steaks on to cook. Matt came home and I was so proud of myself for manning the grill alone and everything looked and smelled great. Matt went to get the steaks off the grill and made the comment, "Geez, are we having the Flintstones for dinner?" I had to admit they were huge steaks but whatever, we could take it for lunch the next day. We all settled down to eat and dug into our steaks. Let's just say, they weren't great. That is putting nicely, they were really pretty awful. I chalked it up to my sub par grilling skills and Matt drowned his in Heinz 57 and we powered through. Hudson strictly uses meat as a carrier for ketchup, so he could have been eating dog for all he cared.

Okay, flash forward back to this morning. Right after the "focusing" talk, Matt left for work and I got everything ready in the crockpot for our pot roast. We love us some pot roast. Delicious dinner plus delicious leftovers. Anyway, I had all the liquid, seasonings and veggies ready to go and went to the fridge to pull out the roast. It looked a little weird, so I checked the label and read, "Sirloin Steak." Hmm, that was strange. Did I accidentally buy two of the same thing instead of my pot roast? I was totally confused. My brain does not work on a fast track before 7 a.m. (and maybe not even after) so it took me several long minutes of standing in front of the open refrigerator for the light bulb to click on. That's right people, I grilled our dang pot roast! I grilled a pot roast and never even noticed. I must have been talking to myself because Connor glanced up and asked what was wrong. I was then faced with the eternal question, could I get away with this idiocy without my husband finding out? After studying Connor for a second (aka the witness for the prosecution,) I just decided to come clean and tell Matt. The truth will set you free, or in this case, the truth will get you mocked mercilessly for the rest of your marriage.

Matt was in awe of my "awesomeness", to say the least. I mean really, who can say they are paying such little attention that they mistake a pot roast for two sirloin steaks and then proceed to grill the living daylights out of that poor piece of meat and then force her family to eat it's leathery goodness. Me, that's who and leathery it was. After all, I only shortened the cooking time by about eight hours. Just a minor tweak to the recipe.

So what is the lesson here? It might have something to do with focus or attention, but frankly, I've kind of already forgotten.

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