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Saturday, October 23, 2010

How do you spell World Series?

The Rangers are headed to the World Series and I have two people in my house that couldn't be happier. Seriously. Matt and Matt Jr. are giddy with excitement and if I hear the word "history" used one more time in connection to baseball I think I might throw up. Just kidding, it is really exciting, especially for us fair weather fans who only jump on the bandwagon when things are swinging our way. That would be me.

Matt, however, is a lifelong fan and he is raising his baseball clone. When Matt hoops and hollers, Connor hoops and hollers. When the announcer says that a player walked to first, Connor is quick to point out, "Actually Mommy, he jogged to first." He is extremely literal. Matt has loved the Rangers even when they sucked it up year after year and were the butt of lots of baseball jokes. But, Matt loves baseball period. He comes by it naturally, it is his genetic destiny and I think that is great. I don't quite get it, but I think it's great. Maybe it's my genetic destiny to love the Real Housewives of any city in America (I would die without Bravo). Maybe, but it's probably not the same thing. Just as I am a fount of useless reality tv trivia, my husband is an endless well of baseball knowledge. It is both supremely annoying and adorable at the same time. Want to know where some random guy on the Rays when to college? Matt knows that. Want to know the latest A-Rod/Celebrity scandal? I got ya covered. Can you see why our marriage works so well?

Last night Matt got to go ALCS game 6. It probably cracks the top 5 in the list of greatest nights of his life. I am sure marrying me and having two children are the top three, and as for number four....I'm pretty awesome so I'm sure I have done something in the last twelve years to clinch that spot. But back to the game, it was, as Matt likes to remind me, history and I was so genuinely happy that my baseball loving husband was there to witness it. Connor is just as excited about the world series as his daddy. He spent the morning writing letters to Cliff Lee. As his secretary it is my job to take his dictation and write it so he can then copy it with no spelling mistakes. The first went like this, "Dear Cliff Lee, You are going to the World Series. I love you and want you to play your best every day even if your arms get tired. But I hope they don't get tired. Love, Connor Zeke Hill." The real kicker is that Connor truly believes he is breaking the World Series news to Cliff, like maybe he missed that minor news bulletin at the ballpark last night admist the fireworks, confetti and crazy looking fan leaning outside a suite that looked a lot like Matt. So you can see why we must overnight this letter.

So for the first time in my 28 years, this woman actually cares about a World Series. Really, I do. If I didn't, I think Connor would write me a letter of eviction, which he would first force me to spell out for him so he could then copy it accurately. Thank goodness we don't like football!

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