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Monday, July 19, 2010

The New Regime

Okay, I am so behind on blogging. We have been so busy the last couple of weeks getting ready for Hudson's birthday and doing a major cleaning out of our house. So I have a lot of blog to catch up on, but before I get to Hud's actual birthday and party I feel like I need to share a bizarre incident that happened the morning of said birthday party. I am still scratching my head about this one.

Okay, the background...Early Saturday morning, I woke up around 4 a.m. with my insulin pump beeping some alarm. I get alarms all the time and they are not usually a big deal. This time though, I couldn't clear it, but I was really tired and didn't want to mess with it so I decided to do what any rational person would do at four in the morning and that was take it downstairs and hide it in my kitchen so I wouldn't hear the alarm (which, by the way, is also what we do with our smoke alarms if the battery starts to die in the middle of the night). Then I went back to sleep for a couple of hours. After I woke up, I told Matt that he needed to watch the boys because I had to figure out that alarm and then go to the pharmacy because it was time to pick up my insulin prescription anyway. I got the alarm cleared and then at 9, I headed to Walgreens. By now, I am not feeling that great, but I knew that I would be better soon because I had it all straightened out. I got back home from the pharmacy and I am really feeling sick. Matt said he had to go into work for a little while, something that he had to take care of and I said for him to go because I knew my blood sugar was dropping and I would be feeling better any minute now. Any. Minute. Now.

As you can probably guess, things got worse before they got better. As soon as Matt was out of the neighborhood I started to feel incredibly nauseated, and of course there was no one there to help me but Hudson and Connor. As I dragged myself to the bathroom, I told Connor that I really needed his help taking care of his brother until Mommy felt better. He snapped to attention and said, "Yes! I am in charge of this whole house and Mushy. Mommy, I am going to the best job ever so you will feel better." Well that sounded helpful so I took my position lying ever so comfortably on the bathroom floor. I heard some yelling and Connor giving Hudson the run down. " Okay Mushy, Mommy is very sick for at least 20 more minutes, you have to listen to me and do everything I say because if we don't Mommy might throw up on us, okay? I am the boss." I started to realize that I might be witnessing the reincarnation of Benito Mussolini in my living room, but I just had to let it play out, I couldn't handle the spinning room, at least not for another 19 minutes.

After a couple of minutes two shadows fell over me in the bathroom and before I could turn my head I feel the unmistakable jolt of Hudson climbing on top of me. Connor swooped in yelling, "No no no! Hudson Hill we don't ride sick people!" He got him out of the room by making a big promise, "Come with me Mushy and I will get you everything you like." About five minutes later Connor came in and was rubbing my head in a very sweet and compassionate way. He really can be quiet the loving little guy. He said, "Mommy, I hope you are feeling better I have been praying for you. You are going to be so happy because I got Hudson everything he likes. I opened four yogurts and made him a bowl of ketchup." As disgusting as that sounded to my poor rolling stomach, I had to admit those are the things he likes the most. Connor got up to leave and then turned, "Mommy, where do we keep the spoons? I need to spank Hudson and the spanking spoon you use is too soft, it never even hurts. I need a really big one." That got me up off the floor. After clarifying to Benito that he absolutely does not have the authority to spank his brother, I resumed my position on the floor.

Not ten seconds later, I hear a tiny voice, " Mommy?" There was my youngest son standing in the doorway wearing what appeared to be a mask of yogurt. Right behind him was "the boss", "No Hudson! We aren't bothering Mommy, she needs rest! Do you see my face? I am not smiling!" Although I could clearly see that he was, in fact, smiling. It was obvious that the power had really gone to his head.

Finally when my twenty minutes of convalescent leave were up, I really was feeling better, my meds had kicked in and things were heading back to normal, at least for me. I still had to restore the hierarchy of our household. Connor was still chasing his brother around the playroom yelling, "One, Two Three! Eyes on Me! Eyes on me Hudson! Put your eyes on me!!!!" Let me just tell you friends, there is nothing worse than having to strip a dictator of his power, they don't take it well.

So that was just the start of our birthday Saturday,there is for sure more blog to come. I learned a hard lesson that miserable morning though. As I was washing the yogurt kisses off my face and the ketchup out of my hair I realized, I am really going to have to parent the crap out of my doubly cursed,type A personality/annoying teacher's kid, first born son. Not that I wasn't going to give it a lot of effort anyway but, well, you know.

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