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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Four years ago today....

Today is Connor's 4th birthday and I cannot believe how much has changed in four short years.
This time in 2006, I was waiting around in my home away from home hospital bed to have a little boy that I had waited for and worried about for what seemed like forever but was actually only 36 short weeks. As first time parents we didn't have a clue and still pretty much don't, but that little 6 pound 1 ounce boy stole our hearts from that very first cry.

My mom has said to me once or twice, that even though you love all your children equally and uniquely, there is just something about that first born. (shout out to my big brother Aaron). While that seems a little odd to be sharing with your second born child, I get it. I love this crazy, funny, compassionate little boy in a way that cannot be measured. Matt and I talked today about finally taking him home from the hospital after I had been there for a month and how we got in the car, looked at each other and said, "We cannot believe they just let us take take him home alone, are they crazy?" We went from being two distinctly different people to being someone's parents in an instant and everyday has been a precious adventure ever since then.

Yesterday was the big party and I don't think I have ever worked so hard on an event since my own wedding. It was detailed and over the top and I know that some people might not be on the same party page as me and that is totally okay. Despite the stress and drama that I create during "party season," I get incredible joy in planning this annual event for both my boys, but right now especially for Connor, because he is so appreciative and excited. In general, Connor is a very grateful and sweet boy. He, on any given day, will profusely thank me for something as insignificant as getting him a pickle or cutting his sandwich with a dinosaur shaped cookie cutter. He was so happy with his party that he kept telling me that he couldn't believe that everybody would do all that awesome stuff just for him. He was so overwhelmed with happiness that he had to break into a spontaneous happy dance occasionally and give me run-by kisses during the festivities just to remind me that he loved me. That erased all my lost sleep, craft anxiety and the loss of all ten of my fingerprints to severe glue gun burns. (Low temp?That's a total lie, but at least I'll be a leg up on the FBI if I decide to pursue a life of crime.)

I love my perfectly imperfect little boy. I can't imagine having a son without his amazing creativity and incomparable imagination, two traits that were gifts from God that Matt and I never expected when dreaming about what our kids might be like. We honestly didn't know that kids came this cool :) I learn from being his mom every day, he challenges me as a parent and a person plus I get to laugh a lot along the way. At bedtime last night we asked him what his favorite part of the day was and after listing every single detail from the day, down to the blue forks and different colored ribbons on the balloons (which were "beautiful", of course), he finally said, "Daddy, my heart is so happy. I just loved it all."

Matt and I agreed, that sums up our thoughts exactly about the last four years. All the good and not so good, we have loved it all :)

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