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Monday, January 25, 2010

And the blind can see!

Tonight was another biblical reenactment in our living room. It started out as most things do in our household with the words, "No Hudson, hold still!" Matt and I came in from the kitchen to see exactly what drama was unfolding and it didn't disappoint.

At Sunday school this week Connor learned about the blind man Bartimaeus who was healed by Jesus. Connor loved this story so much that he insisted that we read it in his children's bible that night so he could really get the plot down. I thought this was wonderful because he usually only likes me to read the stories in his Bible that have pictures featuring swords, other weaponry OR baby animals. So after having a good 24 hours to think about this story he decided it was time to assign parts. Luckily there are two boys in this house and two parts to the story. For some reason Matt and I are not ever asked to participate.

Connor decided that he would be the blind man and Hudson would be Jesus. I know. Sometimes I can't even believe what goes on around here. But anyway, Connor takes the time out to tell Hudson first what blind means. He explains (as he wanders around the room with his eyes pinched shut and arms outstretched) that blind means that you can't see. I thought that was very clear and to the point. But no, there was more. He goes on to tell his brother that even though he can't see he can still hear, and touch and taste people. This is where Matt decided to jump in and suggest that it is unnecessary for anyone portraying a blind biblical character to taste anyone. Just as a FYI, suggestions from the audience are not appreciated.

By now, "Jesus" had lost interest and was wandering off, Connor pulled him back over and told him that he needed to walk by and heal him after he called out to him. Well, Hudson wasn't getting it. He never managed to walk in the right way past where Connor was crouched down draped in a towel (I have no idea why). He even made me hold Hudson back and then when Connor was in position and cried out for healing, I would release Jesus in the right direction. But it just wasn't up to Connor's high theatrical standards. He decided to switch the roles and he would do the healing.

As I suspected there was no convincing an 18 month old to sit with his eyes closed and wait for his older brother to heal his blindness. He just didn't catch on and Connor was beyond frustrated. I told him it was time for an intermission and I went back in to finish dinner. The boys went into the playroom and all was quiet for a while. I started hearing giggling and Connor announced that he had found a way to make Hudson blind (talk about a terrifying statement). Thankfully though, they walked into the kitchen with Hud sporting Connor's old Elmo sunglasses.

Obviously, problem solved. Matt and I were able to watch as Jesus healed Bartimeaus in our living room by whipping the Elmo sunglasses off his face and then they both danced around wearing towels, laughing like lunatics. Just like in the New Testament :)

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