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Saturday, September 11, 2010

A is for Amenities

Uncle Aaron and Uncle Jack came over this week to bring Connor his souvenirs from their latest trip to Paris. I say latest because it feels like they are there all the time, at least way more than Matt and I go (which is never). So they always try and bring something back for the boys and Connor is always so excited to receive these treasures.
This time they brought back the mother load of exciting gifts....an American Airlines First Class amenities kit (I know, I hate their lives). This little satchel of fun apparently has everything a four year old needs for his life to be complete. Sleep mask? Got it. Man sized tube socks in case your feet (or entire leg in Connor's case) get cold? Got those too. Ear plugs for when your little brother "Scweams like an annoying baby?" Absolutely, plug 'em up. Throw in some Burt's Bees lotion and lip balm plus a moist towelette and Connor has a little box of heaven on earth. Now, here is why I am annoyed by this gift. First of all he refuses to refer to it by any other name besides, "My amenities kit from my Uncles." We are sick and tired of hearing the phrase, amenities kit. Secondly, no one else is allowed to partake of the amenities. Heaven forbid Mommy should want to try his name brand lip balm or Hudson attempt to put on a soft, grey tube sock. I, in five short days, have broken up more arguments (and one slap fight) than I care to count that centered on a tiny plastic sleeve of American Airlines tissues. Let me just pause here and say before any of you reading this blog think that the uncles are cheapskates, they did bring back presents that cost actual Euros, but those aren't exciting enough to blog about.

So, I figured the novelty on this particular gift would be short lived, but there isn't an end in sight and unfortunately he now has plans to take the amenities kit public. This week at school his teacher talked about upcoming themes for Show and Tell. In a couple of weeks it is the letter A day. Connor and I were talking about things he might take that start with the letter A. After quite the discussion, "No, we don't know any astronauts" and "Mommy, an apple is super boring," the lightbulb went off. "Mom! I am going to take my amenities kit! It starts with A! Yes! My friends will love me!"
So thank you Uncle Jack and Uncle Aaron for helping your nephew be the only kid in Pre-K to bring a first class amenities kit to show and tell day. I am sure the other four year olds will be enormously impressed with his sophistication, but goodness knows he won't let anyone else touch it. We will now be working hard on not sounding condescending when he announces, "Paris, France...not Texas." We are trying to make friends here, after all.

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  1. I can't say I blame him! Such personal care items are best kept to oneself, you could catch something if he passes those around! :)