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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mary, mother of God......

Well this time of year is so busy and I feel like I am falling behind on blogging. Hopefully this post will make up for it :)

As most of you know my Granny has been staying with us over the last few weeks and taking care of Hudson during the day. It has been amazing, but we have had a few moments where it seemed like Connor might have been feeling a little left out of the Granny time. So my mom bought Connor this really neat interactive nativity set and it became his and Granny's "thing". The premise of the set is that for seven days, you open a present a day and inside each present is a piece or character of the nativity. After opening each gift you read a little five minute lesson on that character and place it in the nativity. Easy enough, right?
Well after the first two days we had unwrapped Gabriel, the messenger angel and Mary. Connor had apparently been listening REALLY well to the stories because today I observed the following:

Connor was frolicking around our living room with a walkie talkie yelling," Attention, attention, I am Gabwel, the messenger and I have a message! I am looking for Mawy, I have a message!" He then ran over to his little brother who was, as usual, minding his own business. He grabbed Hudson by the fat little cheeks and put about one inch of space between their faces. He then said to him in an extremely loud voice, "Mawy, I'm Gabwel and I have a message for you! You're going to have a baby in your tummy! You are going to have a Jesus in there!"
Now at this point, I really shouldn't be surprised but I still was and here comes the best part. Still clutching his brother's face, he says, "And Mawy, you don't even have a husband!" After that pronouncement I asked him to please release the apparently hard of hearing virgin Mary's face and he flitted away in a very angelic way to deliver his good tidings to someone else.

Interestingly enough, this is not the first time he has used his baby brother as an unwilling prop in a highly dramatic biblical reenactment. I flash back to the summer production starring Connor as Moses and Hudson as a tiny Pharoah, in which Connor demanded that his brother, "let my people go or your water will turn to blood!" What can I say, the kid loves the bible drama.

Who knows what the future holds, after all there are still more nativity boxes to be opened. I can almost picture Connor as a quick change artist performing every part of a live nativity staged in our front yard. What, you are probably wondering, did his father say about this little performance? I heard Matt in the background mutter, "Oh good Lord." Yes Matt, I think that is exactly the point.


  1. Good laugh before I go to bed. Thanks. I agree with Matt's comment!

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  3. Sorry, that first one was a malfunction (on my part of course :-)

    Connor is so awesome! Glad to hear he's liking his nativity! Love y'all and miss y'all!