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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Today is Mother's day (or what's left of it at least) and just like any holiday with my boys, it was chaotic and joyful. My kids love a holiday, hallmark or otherwise and Connor gets so excited about celebrating anything and today I was the lucky recipient of that joy.

I told Matt that the only thing I really and truly wanted for Mother's day this year was something the boys made. Gifts are really not one my love languages, but it is certainly one of Connor's and he gets such pleasure out of presenting someone with something, even if it is an obscure thing he found in his closet. He will wrap it up and practically dance up to them to show his love. This morning he gave me his gift and it was wonderful. It was a card that he and Mushy had made "all by themselves". Actually book would be a more accurate description, it's pages filled with pictures of me and the three people I love most in this world. It was the most perfect present ever and while I have been given gifts in my life that cost a lot more money, none have ever had this much love put into them. Connor's explanation was just as thrilling, he laid out for me exactly what he was responsible for (everything) and what Hudson contributed (two wet spots where he drooled). He turned every page for me and couldn't wait to tell me what he meant with every illustration. I love it for so many reasons, the least not being that he drew me as the skinniest stick figure I have ever seen.

I know it doesn't come as any surprise to those of you that read this blog regularly but I love my kids. I am so proud to be their mommy and I wish that I could put into words what joy those four pieces of construction paper brought to me. I don't even care that my sweet and helpful husband selected some of the most unflattering photos of me ever to be immortalized in digital media to include in this book. I really don't :)

Just like all of our holidays, we got so caught up in the action of going and doing, church, lunch, naps and baths that we didn't get much time at all to sit and be still together. But in all the craziness, I saw moments with my sons today that made me feel blessed beyond measure. My favorite had to be when Connor stumped his toe and was having a tired, tearful moment and before I could get over to comfort him, his little brother was sitting down next to him. Hudson hugged him and said, "Sowwy Connie". Connor buried his face in his little brother's chest and said, "I love you so much Mushy. But next time don't call me Connie, that's a ladies name." If that isn't the pot calling the kettle Mushy than I don't know what is.

That glimpse of compassion, love and of course, humor, makes me a happy mother indeed.

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